IndUS Aviation is proud to manufacture
the Thorp T211 that was designed by the legendary John Thorp. This all aluminum airplane, with  its solid  construction, agile handling and tremendous visibility, is  an easy airplane to fly, for the novice or the experienced  pilot.

The aircraft was awarded the FAA Type Certificate in 1946, and subsequently in 1964 and  1989. The modernized version of this wonderful airplane has ample room for all the avionics an IFR platform would require, options for plush interiors and is ready for flight training operations around the world.

We chose  this FAA type-certified airplane as our basis for the Special Light Sport Aircraft model--the long and proud heritage of this aircraft design led us to become the first U.S. aircraft manufacturer to be awarded the FAA S-LSA certification in June of 2005.

The Type Certified T 211 is widely accepted worldwide as the trainer of choice. We currently offer this model in India where the aircraft has been given DGCA certification based on the FAA Type Certificate.

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IndUS Thorp T 211 (Type Certified)

The original Thorp T-211 airplane, originally certified in the 1960’s was completely re-engineered, modernized and re-certified by the FAA in 1990. Thorp Aero of Sturgis, Kentucky in 1990-91, manufactured the T 211 under a production certificate. The project was stopped due to the economic climate of the times. IndUS Aviation has acquired the rights to production, tooling and a large inventory of parts and spares in preparation for the manufacture of this airplane.

The type-certified CAR 3/ FAR Part 23 Normal Category version T 211, therefore has the specifications as designated on the Type Certificate. A Continental 0-200 Engine and a Sensinich metal propeller along with basic VFR instrumentation are standard in this configuration. The aircraft are assembled at our production facility at Dallas Executive airport by a team of experienced aviation professionals.

Due to the high costs associated with the manufacturing  of an FAA Ttype-certified aircraft produced entirely in the USA, the availability of this aircraft is based on many factors. IndUS will manufacture a limited number of these aircraft for sale in the USA, United Kingdom and other countries to flight schools, clubs and individuals where such aircraft type is  required.