IndUS Sport E, designed by John Thorp as the Thorp T 211. With its low parts count and matched-hole drilling process, it is an easy airplane to build…with its solid construction, agile handling and tremendous visibility, it is also an easy airplane to fly, for the first time builder/pilot.
IndUS is proud to manufacture the Sport E, a two-place, all-aluminum aircraft designed by John Thorp. We chose the name Sport E to reflect the fact that this FAA type-certified airplane (formerly known as the Thorp T 211) will be offered for the homebuilder to assemble under the Experimental category (51% rule), as well as the upcoming Light Sport Plane category. The Sport E will be available in three product types depending on customer requirements and market regions: The Sport E / Certified, The Sport E / Experimental and the Sport E / Sport plane. Due to the wide variation in aviation regulations in the countries we operate in, we are unable to offer every product in all regions.
IndUS Sport E (Certified)

The original Thorp T-211 airplane, originally certified in the 1960’s was completely re-engineered, modernized and re-certified by the FAA in 1990. Thorp Aero of Sturgis, Kentucky in 1990-91, manufactured the T 211 under a production certificate. The project was stopped due to the economic climate of the times. IndUS Aviation has acquired the rights to production, tooling and a large inventory of parts and spares in preparation for the manufacture of this airplane.

The type-certified version of the Sport E, therefore will have the specifications as designated on the Type Certificate. A Continental 0-200 Engine and a Sensinich metal propeller along with basic VFR instrumentation will be standard in this configuration. The aircraft will be assembled at our production facility at Dallas Executive airport by a team of experienced aviation professionals.

Due to the high costs associated with product liability and other such matters, the number of type-certified aircraft produced will be highly variable. IndUS will manufacture a limited number of these aircraft available for sale in the USA and the United Kingdom to flight schools, clubs and individuals. IndUS also plans to have the aircraft type-certified in India under the regulations of that country.

IndUS Sport E (Experimental)

Thorp designed the T-211 to be an easy build aircraft. His innovative matched-hole drilling process makes it tremendously easy for even a novice builder to go from start to finish in the shortest amount of time. IndUS will offer the Sport E / Experimental category aircraft in an EZ-Build configuration, which includes substantial finishout of sections of the airframe, allowing the builder to complete the project within the 51% rule.

Much of the assembly of the wings, empennage and fuselage will be completed, leaving top panels open for access to finish installation of the controls and other components by the builder. IndUS will make available several builder assistance programs at our Dallas location. Once again, through collaboration with our colleagues in India, we are able to offer these fast and easy to build kits at tremendous cost and timesavings.

IndUS will have several different engine options for the Experimental and Sport Plane category (see below). In addition to new or overhauled Continental 0-200 engines, the builder may choose the Jabiru engine or even the new Diesel Engine by Wilksch Airmotive, the WAM 120. This unique engine weighs slightly more than the Continental, but delivers 120 horsepower, with turbocharging, at fuel burns of less than 3 gph!

IndUS Sport E / (Sport Plane)
Once the eagerly awaited new Light Sport Plane category is fully in place (at the time of this writing, it is anticipated to be announced at end of Oshkosh, in Early August, 2003 and possibly ready to utilize in Spring, 2004), IndUS will re certify our Sport E (T-211) under the new category. Since this airplane is already Type-Certified under FAA standard airworthiness certificate, we anticipate being able to comply with the requirements for the new category fairly quickly.

With this new category of aircraft, multiple options can be made available, including the powerplants (see above). The builder may wish to participate in as little as 5% of the total assembly process if he or she wishes. Another major advantage of course, would be in the ability to fly this airplane even with the so called “driver’s license” medical.

Please see the price list for further information on the aircraft and details on finished components.

IndUS is also actively involved in the development of aviation safety-related patented inventions. We are working with firms in India, UK and the USA to develop these products and will have further information on them very soon.

In its aim to promote General Aviation in India, IndUS will soon make available larger aircraft, such as the 4 passenger Luscombe 11 E and other six passenger single engine and multi-engine aircraft. We are working with TAAL in India and AD Aerospace in the UK to develop the personal aircraft market, support centers, and innovative programs such as fractional ownerships in these countries.

The Sport E (Thorp T 211) is often called the “Sports Car of the Air” by pilots…the durable all-aluminum construction, with excellent design gives the pilot superb views all around, while immediate, responsive handling is achieved through push-pull rods and ball-bearings. It is a delight to fly for the experienced pilot or the novice.

“Time spent in a T-211 will teach even the most selfless pilot the meaning of “covet”… Maneuvers are an absolute delight” -- Private Pilot Magazine

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