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IndUS Aviation is an American Company, established in 1994, dedicated to providing high quality, low cost aircraft for the General Aviation and Sport Flying Communities in the United States. We also want to bring the joy of flying personal aircraft to other parts of the world where such a pursuit is virtually nonexistent. Through the use of international collaborations, we are developing General Aviation in India and other countries around the world.

IndUS was started by Ram Pattisapu, MD. Ram was born in India and immigrated to the USA with his family at the age of 13. He is a U.S. citizen, having lived here for over 35 years, and considers himself a Texan. Although an accomplished surgeon, his deep interest and love of aviation led him to finish flight training while advancing his medical studies in the US in 1980. He holds a private pilots license, with instrument and multi engine instrument ratings and currently has over 800 hours of flying time in a wide variety of aircraft. Having owned six different aircraft over the past several years, he has developed a very strong network of friends and colleagues in the field of aviation as well as medicine. In addition, he holds patents for development of two devices that are designed for enhancement of aviation safety, which he hopes to manufacture through Indus in India. He is a member of Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (USA), AOPA-India, Experimental Aviation Association and many medical and surgical societies.


IndUS is committed to making flying affordable and fun for everyone. We believe that flying personal aircraft should be available at reasonable costs throughout the world. Through innovative collaborations, IndUS is dedicated to manufacturing high quality, low-cost airplanes in India and the United States for sale throughout the world.


We believe that personal flying should be accessible to everyone. Thus the business plan for Indus Aviation involves the manufacture of light (two and four passenger) aircraft for flight training and personal use at extremely competitive prices. We aim to become the leading manufacturer of light aircraft for personal use and training worldwide.

We incorporate the latest technological developments in our aircraft and utilize state of the art manufacturing techniques to bring extraordinary value to the General Aviation Market. Over the past few decades, General Aviation has priced itself out of the ordinary person’s reach.

At IndUS, through innovative relationships with manufacturers across the globe, and fresh new approaches to light aircraft manufacturing, we are making flying fun and affordable for all who wish to fly.


The Thorp T-211,was designed by the legendary aircraft designer, John Thorp. The original airplane was designed and type certificated in 1946 as the Thorp T11. Updated to 100 HP in the 1960’s, and designated the T211, it was completely re-engineered, modernized and re-certified by the FAA in 1990. Thorp Aero of Sturgis, Kentucky in 1990-91, manufactured the T 211 under an FAA Production Certificate. The project was stopped due to the economic climate of the times. IndUS Aviation acquired the rights to production, tooling and a large inventory of parts and spares, which launched our manufacture of this airplane.

IndUS has formed a strong working partnership with Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Limited (TAAL), of Bangalore, India. This company is the leading manufacturer of aviation products and aircraft in India, with expertise ranging from light composite aircraft to twin engine aircraft, turboprops, military and space related aviation products.

While the manufacturing plant for parts and subassemblies for IndUS are located within the facilities of TAAL, the final assembly of aircraft for markets outside India are accomplished in IndUS’ 11,000 square foot hangar facility at the Dallas Executive Airport, in Dallas, Texas, USA. This type of a unique arrangement gives us tremendous flexibility and marked reduction in costs of production, enabling us to deliver highest quality aircraft at the lowest price.

In addition to manufacturing complete aircraft, IndUS offers our RAPID FIRE Builder Education and Assistance Academy programs at our Dallas facility; this program is unusual in that it actually guarantees that the builder can finish the project within 4 months, (example, buy at Sun 'n Fun, Fly by Oshkosh, Buy at Oshkosh, Fly by Sun 'n Fun....) or even as little as six weeks!

Global Perspective
Background: What's happening in General Aviation....

As many of you know, the Light aircraft industry has been in a virtual nosedive over the past two decades. The upcoming proposed new Light Sport Aircraft/Sport Pilot ruling is intended to revitalize our industry through important regulatory changes.

However, as we already have the largest fleet of such aircraft in the world based in the U.S.A., we must look at the rest of the world, where personal aircraft flying is virtually unheard of. Our ability to export high-tech aviation products, engines, avionics and aircraft to other parts of the world should be increased, while gaining benefits from some of the lower cost products manufactured in these countries.

This creates a new, wide-open, two-way street for interactive global collaboration. Unlike other high tech industries where "outsourcing" is being used, we at IndUS have developed an innovative and pioneering business model that creates vast new global markets for our advanced technical and aviation products.

For example, two of the largest countries in the world, India and China, each with populations of a billion people, have only 300 to 400 flying General Aviation aircraft in TOTAL!. Imagine the potential that exists when these countries fully develop their infrastructures as they are currently doing!

IndUS plans to manufacture light aircraft in India at highly competitive costs for export to the U.S. and other countries as well as for use in India. IndUS will also facilitate the acquisition of personal and business aircraft, aero engines, avionics and other aviation parts and materials, and maintenance and support of small aircraft flying in India.


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